Winged Victory

As Veterans Day approaches, Tony Sampas turns his camera towards some of Lowell’s monuments. Today, “Winged Victory” located on Merrimack Street at Arcand Drive.

3 Responses to Winged Victory

  1. Marie says:

    Tony – Monument Square is a real focal point in the downtown. Your “against the sky” view is just wonderful. Thanks.

  2. Dean says:

    There will be free meals at Applebbe’s on Veterans Day. You must provide proof of military service.

  3. Eileen L says:

    Great photography! Both are beautiful!! –

    From the Lowell Sun “Sampascoopies” column on December 31, 1948 p.2

    On July 4th, 1867, the Statue of Victory, which fronts City Hall, was dedicated. The gift of Dr. Ayer. In the dedicatory exercises, telling of the origin of his idea for the statue, Dr. Ayer said:
    “While making the tour of Europe; I could not help contrasting the abundance of statues, columns, and other production of art, which are there displayed for the public enjoyment, with the paucity of such objects in the United States; and I devoted some time to find a figure in marble or bronze which, 1 could present to our city as a commencement of this kind of ornamentation in Lowell. This figure was molded by Rauch the great Prussian sculptor, for the King of Bavaria. The originals (for there- it a pair of them), in antique bronze, stand in front of the Royal Palace at Munich — one on each side of the way, but I do not think they are either at appropriate or as effective as this is here The monument in front of the Royal Palace at Berlin, erected to commemorate the triumph of the Prussian over Napoleon, tons also executed by Rauch, both in marble and tin bronze; and is considered the greatest work of its kind in the world.”