“Public Matters” – deadline for applications Nov 12

Public Matters is an innovative, exciting program designed to promote leadership and civic engagement in Lowell’s emerging leaders. I’ve been a guest speaker on several occasions and have always walked away with a real sense of excitement about the future of this city. Please take a look at the following and consider applying to be a participant in this year’s class, or pass along the information to someone else who might benefit from the experience.

Public Matters: Empowering Lowell’s Leaders is a leadership and civic engagement initiative of The Lowell Plan conducted in partnership with Lowell National Historical Park. Next year’s schedule will begin Wednesday, January 12 and conclude Wednesday, June 22. Meetings will be held 4-7:30 pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Information on Public Matters is available on the Lowell plan website.

The mission of Public Matters is to foster and enhance the knowledge and skills of leaders in Lowell, Mass. We invite qualified individuals to become members in a rigorous and challenging program in civic engagement. Throughout this program, members will learn how to contribute more effectively to a diverse and mutually supportive community. Our goal is to ensure that the Lowell of tomorrow will be served by inspired stewards of our history, natural resources, social and cultural capital and economic and government institutions.

Who Should Apply?
Members of Public Matters are accomplished individuals who have compiled a record of exemplary work and have been identified as leaders in Lowell. Applicants may have experience in a wide array of disciplines, but successful candidates typically share a passion for improving the quality of life in Lowell and a commitment to improving their own skills in pursuit of that goal.

Applications are due Friday, November 12. Application forms are available here:

For additional information please contact Rosemary Noon, Assistant Director, Lowell Plan, 11 Kearney Square, Lowell, MA 01852, 978-459-9899, rosemary[at]prospeed.net.

Notification of selection will be made by mid-December 2010.