“Happy Halloween” by Nancye Tuttle

Nancye Tuttle returns with a grandparent’s observations of Halloween. Be sure to check out her own blog, Nancye’s World:

Is there a more fun holiday for kids than Halloween?

I think not. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes, parading around the neighborhood, getting free candy and even getting a little scared?

Halloween is second only to Christmas now for partying and decorating. But it’s also gotten more expensive, especially wih the elaborate costumes kids tend to wear each year. Looking back, in the good old days when I was in my trick or treating prime, we made our costumes from what we had on hand, or draped a sheet over our heads, cut out eyes and went as a ghost.

But it’s still more fun than ever and I’m looking forward to watching Jack head out as a ghoul, Molly as a pink power ranger and Claire as Strawberry Shortcake tonight. I’ll be at the door, witch’s hat on and candy bowl in hand, to pass out the goodies to the neighborhood kids. But I’m keeping most of the Reese’s peanut butter cups to myself. After all, every good witch deserves a treat, don’t your think?