More on Baker’s Big Dig Memo

As Dick posted last night AP reporter Glen Johnson uncovered a memo written in 1998 by gubernatorial  candidate Charlie Baker, then Governor Paul Cellucci’s Director of Administration and Finance.

Here are several astounding quotes taken directly from Johnson’s article:

As he concluded his tenure as budget chief in Massachusetts, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker wrote a memo labeling Big Dig spending “simply amazing,” warning that it would force “draconian” cuts to other road and bridge projects — and recommending they be taken only after his boss was re-elected in 1998.

“The financing plan for transportation spending between FY 1999 and FY 2003 is starting to seem surreal,”

The state’s then-administration and finance secretary warns there is at least a $100 million deficit in the road and bridge construction budget during the first year alone, yet it “is more like” $350 million annually.

And to me the most devastating of all the quotes in Johnson’s article…

Writing Aug. 26, 1998, more than two months before his boss, then-Gov. Paul Cellucci, was up for re-election, Baker lists four remedial steps for the governor to propose “after Nov. 5th” — Election Day in 1998.

Baker advocated that the financial mess the Big Dig was causing for the state be hidden from the public until after the election in November 1998.  Yes, Charlie Baker, self proclaimed candidate for the people,  advised Governor Paul Cellucci to hide important information from the public, the taxpayers, the citizens, the voters of Massachusetts to assure the the reelection of his boss. This is a condescending, insulting attitude and a perfect example of the politics of deception.

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