The Barney Shuffle Backlash

This video, put out by the Sean Bielat for Congress campaign, is causing quite a buzz. But there is an even bigger buzz being generated by the insulting remarks made by Ladd Ehlinger, the producer of the YouTube video.

Ehlinger said “A television ad, you’re buying all the fat, lazy people who are too stupid to change the channel or mute the television set during commercials.”

Ah Ladd…I assume that includes me and 90% of the voting public that you consider “too stupid to change the channel”.

In an earlier post Dick gave us his thoughts on the Ehlinger insult. Check it out.

One Response to The Barney Shuffle Backlash

  1. joe from Lowell says:

    The ad doesn’t make any sense. Barney Frank is exactly the opposite of someone who dances around the issues.

    He’s brutally forthright, actually.