Ten days ’till texting ban

Today’s Globe reminds us that the statewide ban on texting while driving goes into effect in just ten days. While there are many questions about how this is to be enforced, it’s at least a start. While I confess to occasionally talking on my phone while driving, I do try to avoid it and, if I’m in the city, will pull over and stop to hold a conversation. I’ve been good about not looking at text messages and emails while driving and have never been adept enough at working the keyboard to even try composing a message while driving. The biggest temptation for me has been red lights. When you’re stopped in traffic with no hope of moving for a minute or more, it’s tempting to glance at your phone and see if there are any new text or email messages. Doing that is also prohibited by this new law. I suspect that scenario – sitting in a stationary car and looking at a phone – will be the most likely time for police to spot you. So be warned – no texting or reading phone screens while sitting at red lights.

One Response to Ten days ’till texting ban

  1. Joan H says:

    I have never even been tempted to text while driving and always pull over- if possible to answer the phone. ( If not possible, I don’t answer) . I ‘m not worried about mu driving skills – just want all hands on deck/wheel if someone else decides to do something foolish. I would love to see the statistics for stops after this goes into effect.