Donoghue wins and other results

Eileen Donoghue defeated Chris Doherty in the 1st Middlesex State Senate race. With all the votes counted but those from Pepperell, Donoghue received 6069 votes (62%) to Doherty’s 3699 (38%). Donoghue won every community in the district, taking Lowell 4241 to 2387; Dunstable 139 to 105; Groton 391 to 305; Tyngsborough 503 to 431; and Westford 795 to 471 (with Pepperell’s results not yet in). So now Donoghue faces Republican James Bubba and unenrolled candidate Patrick O’Connor.

To our east, Barry Finegold captured the Democratic primary for the state senate seat formerly held by Sue Tucker. Finegold received 4256 votes (38%) to Deb Silberstein’s 3193 (28%), Jack Wilson’s 2904 (26%), and John Kelly’s 912 (Kelly dropped out some time ago but his name was still on the ballot). Finegold won Tewksbury and Lawrence while Silberstein took Andover and Wilson prevailed in Dracut.

I also have the Lowell vote for two contested statewide Democratic races. For Treasurer, Steve Grossman (the statewide winner) was beaten in Lowell by Steve Murphy with Murphy getting 2936 votes to Grossman’s 2635. For Auditor, statewide winner Suzanne Bump got 2765 votes in Lowell, Guy Glodis received 1810, and Mike Lake received 986.

3 Responses to Donoghue wins and other results

  1. ELICooper says:

    Tomasek has a chance, there are a lot of disaffected voters who see Finegold as the same old mess up on Beacon Hill. His relationship with the disfunctional city of Lawrence and its mayor and the shenanigans during the primary has a lot of people thinking they will vote Tomasek just to stick it to Finegold. By the way, Finegold did not take the seat, he bought it.