Election eve electioneering

I arrived home from work to find an answering machine full of robocalls and one post card in the mailbox. That was from Eileen Donoghue and it featured a pair of shiny black men’s dress shoes with this:

With serious issues facing the commonwealth such as job creation, the economy, and education, somehow my opponent wants to keep talking about shoes. So here goes. There are some big shoes to fill in the upcoming election for State Senate. Eileen Donoghue is the only candidate who has the experience and leadership to fill those shoes. Now let’s move on.

There actually was a human call on the machine; from “Dan” urging us to vote for Eileen Donoghue tomorrow. Robo calls came in from Mayor Jim Milinazzo for Eileen Donoghue, Steve Panagiotakos for Steve Grossman (a few days ago Steve called for Guy Glodis), and Mike Lake’s mother asking us to vote for her son for state auditor. Although I didn’t hear from the Chris Doherty campaign, a friend found a robo call on the home answering machine and emailed me the contents. Like I said, I didn’t hear the call myself, but this is what the recipient passed along:

Hello this is [name of caller], a staff member at UMass Lowell. I’m calling to urge you to vote for Chris Doherty on Tuesday September 14th, the Democratic Primary. Chris Doherty will be an advocate for students, early childhood education, smaller class size and making public higher education more affordable. Help make a difference and vote Chris Doherty for State Senator in the democratic primary on Tuesday.

Campaign commercials were omnipresent on WCAP this morning and today’s local newspaper carried a full page ad from Barry Finegold, a half-page ad from Suzanne Bump, and a smaller ad from Eric Dahlberg. There’s a buzz around the city that Eileen Donoghue paid for an ad to appear today but that the newspaper failed to print it for some reason. If that’s true, it’s an amazing story.

3 Responses to Election eve electioneering

  1. Right In Lowell says:

    Robo calls should be outlawed. I will not vote for any candidate who calls repeatedly. They are soooo annoying!

  2. Paul@01852 says:

    Isn’t it illegal for state employees (“staff @ UML) to use there position to campaign for any candidate?

  3. DickH says:

    Paul – I don’t think identifying where you work even if it’s for state government is illegal in any way. You can’t use government resources for campaign activities and state and local government employees can’t participate in fund raising in any way, but government workers endorse candidates all the time, usually it’s done collectively as in a union, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it as an individual, at least as I see it.