Sunday campaign update

With just 48 hours until the primary, local electioneering should peak today and tomorrow. There has been a noticeable uptick in the volume of political info flowing into my home. Friday, there was a robocall from Steve Panagiotakos in support of Guy Glodis, a candidate for State Auditor. Suzanne Bump, also running for auditor, also called with a recorded message. “Dear Friend” cards for Eileen Donoghue have been flowing in, but there have been none for Chris Doherty. A postcard urging me to vote for Steve Murphy for State Treasurer arrived on Friday.

The glossy, oversized, multicolored postcards that appear to have become the primary means of reaching primary voters have continued to pour in. Corey Belanger, the Lowell resident running for Governors Council sent one. Guy Glodis (running for State Auditor) sent three: the first promoting his accomplishments, the second attacking Suzanne Bump (considered to be his main competition) and the third with a checklist of things to do for election day (text all your friends, send an email blast, post something on Facebook, etc).

In a race closer to home, Chris Doherty sent another flier attacking Eileen Donoghue, calling her “just another politician” and repeating the refrain “all for her, none for you.” Donoghue has responded with her own flier saying “enough is enough” and that voters deserve more than someone who will “say anything and do anything” just to get elected. Donoghue also had the benefit of a flier sent by the group MassEquality urging recipients to vote for Donoghue on Tuesday.

On Saturday, the local newspaper endorsed Donoghue, citing her experience as mayor and city councilor in Lowell, but also criticizing Doherty’s tactics in the race, writing “Donoghue’s rival, former Middlesex County prose­cutor Chris Doherty, is a worthy candidate on the issues, but his overly aggressive tactics to diminish Donoghue’s 31-year career as a practicing defense attorney, because of the type of federally-appointed cases she accepted, were low-grade distractions and irrelevant.”

Until now, there has been a complete blackout of political ads in the local newspaper, an astounding change in electioneering tactics that will be the subject of a future post. Today, however, ads appeared for Barry Finegold for State Senator (full page), Steve Murphy for State Treasurer (half page), Connie Sullivan for State Rep (half page), Sam Meas for Congress (quarter page) and Eric Dahlberg for State Senator. That was it. On the Sunday before a hotly contested primary election for a state senate district with the majority of voters in the city of Lowell, neither candidate placed an ad in that city’s newspaper.

4 Responses to Sunday campaign update

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    Saw a Doherty ad on cable TV. TBS, I think.

    It was like ‘Wow! He’s up on TV.’ But don’t ask me what the ad said, I don’t remember.

  2. Tom says:

    The Valley Patriot had more print ads by candidates than the sun and tribune combined… print ads REALLY DO WORK… that is… if you are advertising in a paper that people like to read or a paper that doesn’t endorse candidates and skew coverage for their candidates.Maybe the Sun and the Trib lost all that ad revenue because people know their news coverage is unfair to candidates and always reflects their own view rather than the facts on the ground AS they ARE.

  3. Mimi says:

    I saw (I should say heard) the TV ad on Bravo while watching a repeat edition of Top Chef. I too am not sure what the message was. I think with political ads on TV, you need to be exposed to them a number of times before they begin to sink in.

    And as far as the ads in the newspapers, I did see a Sam Meas ad on the Herald’s web site; nice picture of the family. It worked because I clicked and it went to his web site and I spent a few minutes reading it. I would think some unenrolled who intend to vote on Tuesday, may of clicked on also.

  4. Paul@01852 says:

    My guess is that newspaper ads are not dead and that Chris Doherty realizes the Sun’s concentration is in Lowell proper therefore he is choosing the Valley Patriot to attempt to overwhelm Eileen’s Lowell totals where she has great strength with ones from the suburbs