Banjo and Fiddle Contest

31st annual Banjo and Fiddle Contest

Please welcome Tony Sampas, the newest contributor to Tony grew up in Lowell and after two decades in the building trade now works as an archivist at UMass Lowell and as a reference librarian at The Pollard Memorial Library. In 2009 he began making a habit of capturing images of Lowell with a digital camera. Tony has a knack of taking extraordinary photos of ordinary sites around Lowell which he’ll be sharing with us. Yesterday he was at Boarding House Park for the 31st annual Banjo and Fiddle Contest.

One Response to Banjo and Fiddle Contest

  1. Karen Hubbard says:

    I found this photo when I was looking for press clips on Saturday’s Fiddle Contest, as my daughter won second prize for Ethnic Fiddle. Much to my surprise, there she is in your photo. What a great photo! It’s not becaus I’m partial to the content either. I love the tones and composition.