Bill Lee is Back

Did you catch the story about former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee over the weekend? The minor league team the Brockton Rox asked Lee to throw out the first pitch last Sunday. Lee refused, sort of…actually he said he would not throw out the first pitch of the game, but he would be willing to pitch the entire game for the Rox. And he did…and he won. Lee went 51/3 innings allowing only two earned runs.
The Red Sox traded Lee to the Expos in 1978 and he eventually retired in 1982. But Sunday 63 year old Bill Lee, affectionately known as Spaceman, made a come back. And there is talk he may even pitch for the Brockton Rox in their post season. Colorful sports figures like Bil Lee just don’t come along that often.

Below is a great video on Bill Lee originally posted on YouTube by reelhardballfilms.