Saturday political update

An Eileen Donoghue flier arrived in today’s mail. “A proven track record of job creation” was the theme of this piece, with a testimonial from the president of a company she once assisted in a “major” way that now has 50 employees in Lowell. The local newspaper also has profiles of Donoghue and Chris Doherty. The Donoghue story has the former mayor and city councilor saying that partnerships among business, government and non-profits made Lowell successful while she was in office and that if elected state senator, she’ll bring that same way of thinking to Beacon Hill. Donoghue also said that many people she’s talked to while going door-to-door feel that state government has not shared the pain and cutbacks that they have experienced in their personal lives. She says state government must become more efficient and act more like the private sector and not always look to new revenue as a response to budget shortfalls.

In his newspaper profile, Chris Doherty says the he sees the office of state senator as a “natural progression” of his job as an assistant district attorney. Doherty also said that he gained valuable experience working on economic development projects from his earlier employment as an aide to then Congressman Marty Meehan.