Thursday campaign update

A relatively slow day . . . A Guy Glodis for State Auditor flier arrived in today’s mail. Glodis, the sheriff of Worcester County, pledges to “reign in wasteful political spending” and to “fight for Massachusetts Jobs.”

Another Chris Doherty piece arrived in the mail, as well; this one on illegal immigrants. Doherty’s piece of it affirms the non-controversial stand that “illegal immigrants who commit violent felonies or drug trafficking offenses should be deported.” I believe that’s already the case.

This flier also contains a very sharp attack on Eileen Donoghue, highlighting a case she handled as a criminal defense attorney in which her client was alleged to have sold forged social security and green cards to illegal immigrants. The defendant ended up on probation and paid a fine. About that, Doherty says “Eileen fought to keep them out of jail and put our community at risk.”

Doherty doesn’t name the defendant in the case, but he does provide the docket number – 91-cr-10233-EFH. The “91” means it was a 1991 case and the “EFH” means it was heard by Judge Edward F Harrington. So this case is 19 years old and was commenced four years before Donoghue first ran for the Lowell City Council.

4 Responses to Thursday campaign update

  1. frank says:

    Reign does not mean Rein; does he plan to be the king of spending or did he mean to say contol spending? And no one caught this on his staff: let alone Guy himself?

  2. DickH says:

    I confess that when I did the post, I didn’t even notice the misuse of the word “reign.” While I usually get to/two/too right/write/rite, effect/affect still confuse the heck out of me.

  3. Randall Keough says:

    While I’m against illegal immigration, I must say, I found Mr. Doherty’s flier to be somewhat confusing. Eileen Donoghue’s defending the accused in the case does not make her a supporter of illegal immigration. Were the accused not entitled to a fair trial or representation? Mr. Doherty either forgets his history or is just using a hot button issue to score political points. In 1770, John Adams, defended the British Soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. He defended them and had their charges reduced to manslaughter. Just because you are charged with a crime does not mean that you are unworthy of representation.
    I must point out that I have not decided whom I shall vote for, but I will not sit back and let politics such as this play out.

  4. DickH says:

    Since I wrote this post I’ve learned that Donoghue had been assigned to represent this guy while working in the Federal Public Defenders program. When you join that program, you take the cases that are assigned to you by the court. The job of a public defender is to often take the cases no one else will handle.