“Lowell Spinners fun” by Nancye Tuttle

Nancye Tuttle visited LeLacheur Park today and made the following observations on her website, Nancye’s World:

It was hot and muggy, but worth it this afternoon when I enjoyed the Lowell Spinners with my daughter and grandkids at LaLacheur Park.

I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the Spinners. My beats at the Sun took me to darkened theaters and art galleries, not ball parks.

But attending the game reminded me again what a treasure the team and park are to the city of Lowell – and all the towns around. We sat with a whole crew from Acton, who’d gotten tickets through the Recreation Department there and a raffle at the McCarthy-Towne School, where my daughter teaches.

The kids and adults had a blast. We enjoyed all the fun stuff a Spinners game involves – the Frisbee dog, doing the Chicken Dance and Macarena with the Canalagator, free T-shirts and balloon sculptures, lots of sinful treats (I admit I gorged on pink cotton candy, don’t tell my dentist) – and the tickets were only $5 each. Kids under 4 are free and no one minds when you bring in a stroller. The bathrooms are clean and neat, even at the end of the game. And everyone exudes friendliness and warmth, a perfect family outing.

The guys looked good, too, and won 7-6, so that was a plus.

Thanks to the Spinners and the entire organization, from Drew Webber on down, for a great experience for families throughout the Merrimack Valley.

The final game is Thursday and includes fireworks.

And now that I am semi-retired, I promise getting to games will be on my must-do list next year, no kidding.