New Baseball Promotion: “Toilet Tuesday”

I consider the Lowell Spinners to be unsurpassed in the field of minor league baseball promotions, but the Binghamton Mets, the double AA affiliate of the New York Mets, definitely earned honorable mention on Tuesday night with a “plunger giveaway.” The first 1000 fans into the park received a free toilet plunger, courtesy of Sage Supply and radio station KGB FM. The promotion, better known as “Toilet Tuesday” was a great success. Here’s the Mets’ own video publicizing the event:


One Response to New Baseball Promotion: “Toilet Tuesday”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Not surprised at the success of this — people can get a lot of fancy letters after their names, refined tastes, fancy clothes and cars, etc. but they will still laugh at bathroom humor.

    Put four guys around a campfire. I don’t care if they’re 15, 35, or 85, I don’t care what their income is, their religion, their skin color, their political leanings, sexual orientation, locality, or any other division that society places upon us.

    If it’s totally quiet, and then one guy breaks wind, what are the other three going to do?

    They’re going to laugh hysterically.