“Lowell Irish” – the newest blog in town

In the aftermath of last week’s archaeological dig, St Patrick’s official historian, Dave McKean, has launched a new blog to collect digital information – text, photos, scanned documents, anything – about the parish and the Irish in Lowell. Hence the name – Lowell Irish. Here’s how Dave explains it in his first blog post:

Ok, here’s what’s up. I’ve got a few meetings set up for this coming week. There is a little worm inside my head. It’s telling me it is time (past time) to create an online history of Irish Lowell. This could include histories of the churches, schools, organizations, and the cemeteries (St. Pat’s, St Mary’s, & St. Peters. Ah, didn’t know there was a St. Peter’s did you?). We could also include a genealogy how-to page and some resources folks can check out. Photos. We’ve got dozens. Maybe a volunteer can scan the photos and we can archive them for future generations. Bibliography of sources already in print. There are lots of idea.

Good work, Dave. It’s critical that this information be captured and shared now, while there are still people around who are knowledgeable enough to place it in context for us. Congratulations.

3 Responses to “Lowell Irish” – the newest blog in town

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you Dave. I look forward to following the LowellIrish blog and commenting when I can.

  2. EileenL says:

    I went on the St. Patrick’s Cemetery tour quite a few years ago. Dave mentioned they were working on transcribing some of the old St. Pat’s burials pre 1900. It would be great to know where that stands or if they need some help.

  3. John Quealey says:

    Thanks Dave to steal Maries’words I am also looking forword to the Lowell irish blog.