Mayor Levi

Ok, so you’re Sarah Palin and you hear that your daughter Bristol’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/ fiance/ex-fiance Levi Johnston is planning on running for your old job…Mayor of Wasilla, tell me, what the heck goes through your head (if anything). Me? If I was Palin, I’d be thinking…”this pain in the ass is like a bad penny…I just can’t get rid of him”.

But the former candidate for Vice President  (turned money hound) has much more to consider.
Come with me…Lets imagine we are inside Sarah’s head and can hear what she might be thinking about Levi Johnston’s entrance into the political arena…

“What do I do?… Do I endorse the little SOB or not? After all he is the father of my grandson. If I don’t endorse him, when my grandson Tripp grows up how do I explain that I wouldn’t support his father for Mayor? It’ll send him to a shrink for sure… And Todd and I, we’re hoping little Tripp turns out just like his grand-daddy, a musher and a BP Oil worker…you betcha.

But there is another side to this complicated situation. I could endorse Levi…geez, he almost has his high school diploma now. And he’s cute and look where being cute got me. And he does cute things (right eye wink)

I remember when Bristol and Levi were first palling around together and he had Bristol’s name tattooed on his fingers….I thought it was so romantic. Todd never did that for me.

And when you think about it, if Levi did win Mayor and continued on, this just might be the start of a political dynasty like the Bush family.

This decision is a tough one. Do I endorse or not?…maybe I’ll ask John McCain for advise. He always makes wise decisions. You betcha.”

5 Responses to Mayor Levi

  1. Tom Sexton says:


    If it’s any comfort to you, Sarah Palin could not win an election in Alaska today. Her popularity has hit rock bottom; however, she remains a neo-Know-Nothing with a large following among “real Americans.” I assume from your comments that you are not a member of that select group. You probably wink with your left eye.

  2. Tom Sexton says:


    I was kidding about winking, but I do wish the nuns at the Immaculate Conception had taught me how to wink. I might have become governor of Alaska or even mayor of Wasilla.

    I refudiate my attempt at irony.


  3. Marie says:

    I spent two years at the Immaculate with Sister Veronica (7th grade) and Sister Mary of Charity (8th grade) – both grew up as Belvidere ladies. I never saw either of them wink! Belvidere ladies do not wink! Come to think of it – Notre Dame girls don’t wink either – it’s just not done!

  4. Tom Sexton says:


    I’m too far away to remember what grade I was in when Sister Veronica was my teacher. I’m delighted to know that she grew up in Belvidere; however, girls from lower
    Belvidere did, and perhaps do, wink, but I’m sure you’re right about Notre Dame girls. They seldom smiled, so I’m sure they never winked.

    Thanks for taking me back in time.