Middlesex Community College Helping Small Businesses

Middlesex Community College is working to help small businesses grow and succeed. Throughout the months of August and September the college is offering four inexpensive courses designed specifically to help the small business owner and his/her employees.
And I mean inexpensive… course cost only $29 or $39 and will be held on the Lowell Campus.
Here is a listing of the four courses being offered:
MS Powerpoint: An effective presentation can open many doors for a business and nothing is better for presentation creation than MS Powerpoint.
Internet Marketing: For the business person who feels lost in the world of Facebook and Twitter this course provides a great overview.
MS Basic Excel: Excel is a valuable tool for almost all business applications. Course students can learn Excel basics here, such as how to create a workbook, do simple calculations and summarize data.
Improving Your Office Efficiency: Efficiency in business is all about work-flow…and  this course provides insight into organizational strategies that will save a small business time and money.

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