Obama snubbed by the Clinton’s?

Maybe this isn’t any of my business, but I just don’t understand why President Obama has not been invited to attend Chelsea Clinton’s wedding tomorrow.
Give me a break, Hillary is the Secretary of State for crying out loud!
Deep down I’ll bet he’s hurt.
And Michelle, she’s probably pissed.
I can hear her now… “Do they know who you are Barack? This is all about that primary thing back in 2008. They’ll never let that go. She may kiss your butt in public, but this, this tells you what they really think of us. Four hundred people are going and they can’t  fit two more. I’m telling you something right now, Mr President…I am NOT, do you hear me NOT,  sending her anything. I don’t care what you say!

Heavens, whatever happen to proper social etiquette?

Here is a video clip of the President on “The View” yesterday giving some lame-brain excuse trying to justify the snub.

5 Responses to Obama snubbed by the Clinton’s?

  1. Joan H says:

    Hilary has stated that the guest list was done mostly by Chelsea and hr fiancee because it is “their” wedding. This is the bride’s day– not another public appearance by Obama. And wherever he goes the press corps and a bunch of security people, secretaries , etc have to go and I don’t think they want that. PS I wouldn’t want them at my wedding either. .

  2. claire osgoode says:

    President Obama was rightfully not invited to the wedding of the Clinton’s daughter. Why does everything have to be about him? He’s so vain and self-centered, he would be jealous of the attention given a corpse at a funeral. He is about the most egotistical person in American today, perhaps to the point of clinically illness. As a lifelong Democrat who actually voted for Obama, I have deep buyer’s remorse and am looking forward to the opportunituy to correct my “mistake” at the polls in November.

  3. David says:

    I would love to think that the only reason why Obama wasn’t invited to the Clinton wedding was because of security. However, the Clintons are used to securtiy requirements and how to deal with them. With that say, I feel that the Clintons had the arrogance to insult the President. Would anyone else in his cabinet have the gaul to diss Obama in that manner ? I don’t think so.
    The Clintons have make it clear that they don’t need to respect the office since they think they are above it. It is going to be very interesting to see how the President is going to treat the Clintons in the future.