Shards IV (greatly delayed) by Jack Neary

After a little respite local playwright Jack Neary is back blogging. This entry is cross posted from Jack’s own blog, titled Shards. Welcome back Jack.

Clearly, I need to work on my blogging.

Clearly, I am not a dedicated blogger.

It’s good that I have only eight followers, because, clearly, I am not a good leader.

I will try to improve.

Some random things to type about, relative to the last two and a half months…

I am typing this from a lovely deck overlooking a lovely back yard and a lovely pool in Derry, New Hampshire, where I now almost reside. I am in the process of actually moving ALL the stuff of my life for the first time in twenty-five years, and the undertaking is mammoth. I have thrown NOTHING away, and, while I’m getting better at discarding little bits and pieces of my life, I’m still a hoarder. I have until July 31 to gather and store what needs to be retained. I have moved and stored all my books and my vinyl. You know, the important stuff. Now, for the rest of it.

I have created a mancave here in my new digs. I have ensconced myself in a corner of the first floor of my brother and sister-in-law’s house, and turned it into a combination screening room, library, kitchenette, sleeping quarters and semi-office. And the bathroom is only a few feet away. Eventually, the plan is to build a real office out over the garage. I may never leave New Hampshire again.

An exaggeration, but it is very, very nice here.


Just back from New Century Theatre at Smith College in Northampton where I directed my play TO FORGIVE, DIVINE as part of New Century’s 20th Anniversary Season. I am co-founder of the theatre, along with Sam Rush. On July 18, 1991, we presented the first performance at New Century–my play JERRY FINNEGAN’S SISTER, featuring Chris Connell and Jenna Moscowitz. Jenna was in the audience for TFD last week and looked not a day over the 21 she was when she did the show. TFD, after battling through the smallish audiences over the July 4th weekend, played to big, responsive houses for the final five shows, and it was a wonderful experience, working with old friends Dave Mason, Sandra Blaney, Ed Jewett, Barb McEwen, and Catherine Bloch, and introducing the NCT audience to young Nora Kaye. Good show, I think.


Been getting some significantly favorable response from some savvy actor friends about my new play, AULD LANG SYNE. In the well-respected tradition of not jinxing it, that’s all I’ll say about it.


Anybody seen Kevin Bacon in TAKING CHANCE? Worth the rental. He’s never been better, and the story, about a Marine colonel accompanying the body of a fallen soldier back to his hometown, is gut-wrenching.


And then there’s the just-released documentary on Joan Rivers, entitled JOAN RIVERS, A PIECE OF WORK, which I highly recommend. It is honest beyond belief and Joan is funny as ever as she scratches and claws through a year in the business, battling a system that reveres youth and sidesteps performers of a certain age. Check it out.


Reading a couple of swell books on my Kindle: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg Larsson and THE MEN WHO WOULD BE KING, an examination of the life of DreamWorks SKG, by Nicole Laporte.


I’m glad THE CLOSER is back and I don’t give a damn how much you don’t like Kira’s Southern drawl because the stories are interesting and well written and the acting is terrific. So there.


Among the vinyl I have successfully stored in my move is an album of John Kiley organ solos. Does anybody know who that is? Don’t quote me on this, but I bet John played “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway before he passed away.


Okay, I’ll try to save something and perhaps come up with another entry within the next three months.

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  1. John Quealey says:

    I first heard of Derry N.H. in my early years as our eggman would bring his surplus eggs to co-op in Derry before making the trip, his wife would ring our store and say “we are going to Derry do you need any eggs”The Stringers had hundred of hens at their home in So. Lowell across the street from the Riverside School on Juniper St. now long gone.One laying hen should lay six eggs aweek.A three minute boiled eggwas a delight with buttered Old Home toast and tea. The fresh bread delivered by the ‘Bloggers Father’.That is the Derry 65 years ago before Jack was born.