Lowell Folk Festival & social networking

The 2010 Lowell Folk Festival is just a few days away. Driving home from work this afternoon, I heard Ted Panos on WCAP interviewing Kathleen Pierce who is producing much of the social network content on the festival’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. If you are active on either of those networks, you should “friend” or “follow” the Lowell Folk Festival.

When technology first emerges, it usually takes many years to discover the best ways to employ it. Many of us find Facebook and Twitter quite useful for some things (such as political commentary and recommending online content to others) but have still not figured out how best to employ them in covering a large public event. The Folk Festival provides us with an opportunity to try out new ideas and techniques. So as you listen to music, devour ethnic food, or just wander around downtown this weekend, don’t forget to frequently Tweet and Update Your Facebook Status.

The official Lowell Folk Festival website is here and links to its Twitter feed and Facebook page are available from there. If you are on Twitter, please include the #LFF hashtag in your Tweets about the festival – I’ve installed a feed of that Twitter tag in the right sidebar of this site.