Spinners, Scalping and Scott Brown

In a post on his “Talking Politics” blog on the Boston Phoenix website, David Bernstein suggests that the Scott Brown campaign may be violating the state’s anti-scalping law with an August 30 fund raiser at Lowell’s own Lelacheur Park. That night’s Spinners’ game features “Scott Brown bobblehead” night and Brown’s daughter Ayla will sing the National Anthem. The bobbleheads are being purchased by Zoll Medical of Chelmsford as a reward for Brown’s opposition to health care reform on the grounds that the new tax on medical devices would harm Zoll.

Brown is now selling tickets to the game for $75 (which includes a bobblehead and food from The Gator Pit). Bernstein contends that since Spinners tickets are only about $10 apiece, Brown’s markup may violate the state’s anti-scalping law. The reporters query on the legality of this event has thus far gone unanswered by Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office.