IBM Westford/Littleton

The Globe reports that IBM opened its new centers in Westford and Littleton. The two represent IBM’s “largest software development facility in North America.” Repeat: largest in North America. The campuses will be crawling with 3,400 workers. These folks are within reach of the Lowell Connector. Let’s get a bus and run it between Westford and Littleton and downtown Lowell. We need to bring these people into the Lowell sphere. Let’s hope there are good jobs at good wages for people of various skills in the Lowell area, also—from engineers to support staff. Read the Globe story here, and consider subscribing to the Globe if you appreciate the writing.

2 Responses to IBM Westford/Littleton

  1. kad barma says:

    LRTA already runs a bus route that turns around in their parking lot, though hardly anybody rides it.

    Send in your resumes, people!

  2. Tom says:

    Will IBM be hiring some of the thousands of older software engineers whose jobs have been displaced in the past decade here in eastern Massachusetts?