Lowell Walks

 Lowell Walks was founded by Richard Howe in 2015. A series of free, 90-minute long, guided walks of downtown Lowell, each led by a different volunteer guide, Lowell Walks has averaged 100 people per walk. Besides informing participants of interesting facets of Lowell history, the walks promote downtown businesses, create a sense of community among participants, and create momentum to make the city a more walkable place.

Besides Lowell Walks, Richard gives many other tours and talks about Lowell and its history, including walking tours of historic Lowell Cemetery.

For information about upcoming walks, check out the Upcoming Events page of this website and sign up for the Lowell Walks electronic newsletter by entering your email address in the “Sign Up for Lowell Walks” form in the upper right corner of this website.

Below is a list of past Lowell Walks, showing the title of the tour, the name of the tour guide, and the number of people who participated:

Paul Marion & Rosemary Noon Public Art tour


  1. Public Art with Paul Marion & Rosemary Noon (107)
  2. Literary Lowell & Pollard Library with Sean Thibodeau (76)
  3. Triumphs of Preservation with Fred Faust (81)
  4. Hamilton Canal District with Allison Lamey (129)
  5. Inside Lowell High School with Brian Martin (86)
  6. Trains & Trolleys in Lowell with Christopher Hayes (120)
  7. Irish in the Acre with Dave McKean (125)
  8. Abolitionists in Lowell with Bob Forrant (119)
  9. Natural Lowell with Jane Calvin (75)
  10.  Green Buildings in Lowell with Jay Mason (43)
  11.  Artists Past & Present with Jim Dyment (86)
  12.  Renewing the Acre with Dave Ouellette (105)
  13.  Lowell Monuments with Dick Howe (167)

Steve Panagiotakos – Greeks in the Acre tour


  1.     Preservation Success Stories with Fred Faust (110)
  2.     Hamilton Canal Update with Craig Thomas (105)
  3.     Irish in the Acre with Dave McKean (115)
  4.     Literary Lowell with Sean Thibodeau (105)
  5.     Upper Merrimack Street with Yun-Ju Choi (88)
  6.     Major Downtown Fires with Jason Strunk (98)
  7.     Public Art Collection with Paul Marion & Rosemary Noon (70)
  8.     Greeks in the Acre with Steve Panagiotakos (109)
  9.     East Merrimack Street with Dick Howe (90)
  10.  Lowell National Historical Park with Celeste Bernardo (135)

Bob Forrant – Abolitionism in Lowell tour


  1. Western Canal with Dick Howe (150)
  2. Abolitionism with Bob Forrant & Emily Yunes (226)
  3. Churches, Art & Architecture with Dave McKean & Rosemary Noon (111)
  4. Lowell Poems with Paul Marion (84)
  5. Kerouac Downtown with Sean Thibodeau & Roger Brunelle (96)
  6. Lowell Fires with Jason Strunk (98)
  7. Northern Canal Urban Renewal with Chris Hayes & Aurora Erickson (90)
  8. Hamilton Canal with Claire Ricker (110)
  9. Public Health with Sue Levine & Clare Gunther (50)
  10. Mill Girls of Lowell with Tess Shatzer (105)