Lowell Week in Review: December 23, 2018

“A Cataclysm for our District” Towards the end of Wednesday night’s review of the fiscal audit of the Lowell School Department, Connie Martin, the longest-serving current member of the Lowell School Committee said about the Lowell School Department’s fiscal mess, “This has been a cataclysm for our district.” Cataclysm is…

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Lowell Week in Review: December 16, 2018

The long-awaited outside audit by the firm of Clifton Larson Allen of the Lowell Public Schools was released late Friday night and according to an Elizabeth Dobbins story in the Lowell Sun (“Audit confirms Lowell schools’ fiscal quagmire”) it is a devastating indictment of fiscal mismanagement by the past school…

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Lowell Week in Review: December 9, 2018

Blockbuster Council Motion Tuesday Most Lowell City Council motions are noncontroversial, but every so often one with far-reaching implications is served up. Such will be the case Tuesday night when councilors take up a joint motion by Vesna Nuon and Ed Kennedy. The motion requests the City Manager to “encourage…

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