Lowell Week in Review: December 15, 2013

Here are some observations on the past week in Lowell politics. Most of the items covered below come from last Tuesday’s City Council meeting which I covered in detail in a previous post. Downtown Businesses The item that dominated the discussion at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting was the state…

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The War on Christmas in Massachusetts

“For preventing disorders, arising in several places within this jurisdiction by reason of some still observing such festivals as were superstitiously kept in other communities, to the great dishonor of God and offense of others: it is therefore ordered by this court and the authority thereof that whosoever shall be…

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Jumping the (recycling) gun

Today was trash pickup day in the Highlands and a few people were overly anxious to use their new green recycling bins. The small sampling of the neighborhood streets I was on revealed that maybe one out of ten households had the green containers out with their maroon trash containers…

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