Current Events

Fred Notes: April 20, 2020

Fred Notes is a recurring column by Fred Faust Heartache, Cope and Hope By Fred Faust These are the thoughts, experiences and hopes of three members of the Greater Lowell community in confronting the impacts of the corona virus. On the Front Lines Dr. Arthur “Chip” Gonsalves is on the…

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Lowell in AT&T commercial

A Virginia resident watching an AT&T Commercial spotted a Lowell landmark in the video and sent me a link. The advertisement is for AT&T FirstNet, an emergency communications network. The above screenshot is of the Covid-19 drive thru testing site at Cross Point which appears in the background. Check out…

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Tax Day Memories

  Sad-Eyed Lady By David Daniel Mornings she’s out there on the sidewalk, costumed in a long satiny smock and wearing a spiked crown, both the color of tarnished bronze. Not clothing for not-quite spring; but this is about timing. April is coming and she’s an enticement, representing—I have to…

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