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Bob Herbert: A Cause for Concern…for Alarm

Writing this week in the NYT, columnist Bob Herbert decried the educational slippage in the nation. He says we’re collectively, but especially the younger and up-and-coming generations, getting softer intellectually. He cites figures. UMass Lowell, I should say,  is doing its part to buck the trend described in the column. Note the comments, too, which…

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Some Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I am one of the youngest, if not the youngest, person to participate on this blog. I am so young that I cannot remember a time when gay marriage was not allowed; I was only 13 when the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued its decision ordering the state to begin granting…

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Thoughts on Creativity

Why are we starting to talk about a Kerouac Center for Creativity in Lowell? Aside from the facts that Lowell was founded by inventors and entrepreneurs, that the city is a contemporary hub of the creative economy, and that higher education institutions like UMass Lowell and Middlesex Community College demonstrate the positive results…

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