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Marie Sweeney’s Childhood Illness & Social Distancing in the ’50s

Remembering My Illness-Caused Separation, a Semi-Social Distancing By Marie Sweeney (March 25, 2020) Marie Sweeney, photograph by Kevin Harkins THIS MORNING A TWEET from Dan Rather took me way back in time to Spring 1953. I was in the fifth grade—in Sister Mildred’s class—a double-grade that included some sixth graders…

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Paul Hudon: Diary in The Time of Coronavirus

We asked occasional contributor Paul Hudon of Lowell if he would consider sharing entries from the diary that he keeps. In this extraordinary time, we’ve seen other publications whose editors are encouraging certain writers to keep a journal or diary about the virus crisis with observations, reflections, reports on their…

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Frank Wagner: New Poem

Stop and Render Aid by Frank Wagner . Every traveler knows about certain points along the road, where the asphalt cracks, where the broken bottles crashed, where the chicken did not make it across. This is where the sun blinds the eyes, or the rain gets too thick that it…

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