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President Obama in Selma: “The Single Most Powerful Word in Our Democracy Is ‘We’.”

If a speech can make a difference, this is one. President Obama did well in Selma, Alabama, yesterday. “Our march is not over.” “Moral imagination.” “The single most powerful word in our democracy is ‘we’.” “What has not changed is the imperative of citizenship.” “Give voice to the voiceless.” This…

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Civic Stirrings in the City

I’m encouraged by the evidence of civic activism around different interests in Lowell. Almost overnight, a group emerged with shared interest in the upcoming design changes around the Lord Overpass and Thorndike-Dutton corridor. For a while now there’s been a coalition of folks who care about bike-riding and how the…

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‘Hibiscus Lane’

It is still freakin’ cold out there, so I’m posting another Caribbean composition from the vault.—PM . Hibiscus Lane 1. One nimble gecko scaling a mosquito net remains the only lizard we’ve seen in a week on the island whose old name, Hewanorra, means “where the iguana is found.” Purple…

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